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FW 1.46 --Mutt remembers HCE--

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FDV: "Mutt— How I know it! It is him. He was poached on that eggtentical spot by the liveries. There where the missers mooney."
"Mutt — How I know it the livery greytecloke of Cedric Silkyshag {with
his hairyside out}! He is him. Tormentor Thormentor. He was poached on that eggtentical spot by the. Here where the liveries. There where the missers mooney: Minnikin Passe. "
why "Tormentor"? (backscratcher??)

these FDVs are in the present tense, as if HCE is present, but the published version is all past tense

MUTT: Louee, louee! How wooden I not know it, 

Italian lui, lui!: it's him!
French l'ouie: hearing
louis (coins)

wooden money
Wood's halfpence

the intellible greytcloak of Cedric Silkyshag!


Harald Graycloak ruled West Norway in the 10thC
HCE wore a rubberised Inverness

O'Connell statue

Sitric Silkenbeard led the Danes againt Brian Boru at the Battle of Clontarf (some of his coins are preserved)

loongshot: silky shark (species)

Cead mealy faulty rices for one dabblin bar.

Irish céad míle fáilte romhat: a hundred thousand welcomes before you (traditional Irish greeting)
but does 'romhat' account for "rices"??

Dublin Bar = society of local lawyers
slang bar: one pound sterling

Old grilsy growlsy! He was poached on in that eggtentical spot.

longshot: grilse: young salmon after smolt stage, returning from the sea to fresh water for the first time (not used elsewhere)


poached salmon
poached egg (Humpty Dumpty)
FDV had no "in": "He was poached on that eggtentical spot by the liveries"
livery stables? (eg, mentioned twice in Ulysses)


Here where the liveries, Monomark.

coyne and livery
Liberties: district of Dublin
FDV above had "How I know it the livery of Cedric Silkyshag"

'Monomarks' were a 1925 scheme for giving people unique ID-numbers

Greek monomachos: gladiator
Mark the First

There where the missers moony, Minnikin Passe.

(if "There" is the maggies, is "Here" the soldiers?)

missies: girls

moony = moody
Greek slang: mouni: female genitalia
to moon = to expose buttocks

FDV: "mooney"
Mooney's pub is mentioned several times in Ulysses
maybe 'Mrs Mooney'?

minikin = small, small person
Manneken-Pis: statue in Brussels of a child urinating

passe = out of fashion
French slang: passe: a fuck


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