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FW 1.28a --voices of the past--

1.28a: The babbelers with their thangas vain have been (confusium hold them!) they were and went...
1.28b: the blond has sought of the brune: Elsekiss thou may, mean Kerry piggy?: and the duncledames...
1.28c: And still nowanights and by nights of yore do all bold floras of the field to their shyfaun lovers...
1.28d: For that saying is as old as the howitts. Lave a whale a while in a whillbarrow (isn't it the truath...

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synopsis: the mutability of men — the stability of flowers

FDV: "The babbling of tongues have been & have gone, thigging thugs were and houhynam songtoms were & gumly norgers were & pollyfool francees; men have thawed, clerks have surssurummed," →
"The babblers with their tongues have been & {they} were & went, thigging thugs were and houhynam songtoms were & comely norgels were & pollyfool fiancees; men have thawed, clerks have surssurhummed,"

The babbelers with their thangas vain have been

Tower of Babel (God created diversity of tongues after the vain Tower of Babel attempt, to restrict the power of mankind)

Irish teanga: language
thongs? (below)

(confusium hold them!); they were and went;


a curse analogous to 'saints preserve us'

thigging thugs were and houhnhymn songtoms were

are these languages, anticipating Mutt and Jute?

Danish tigge: beg
Irish tuigeann tú?: do you understand?

why 'houhn'? FDV: "houhynam"
Houyhnhnms: wise horses in Swift's Gulliver's Travels

2 syllables: HOONhim, who'n'him
hymn, song
why 'toms'? tomtom drums?

and comely norgels were and pollyfool fiansees.

FDV: "gumly norgers" cf U-Eumeus 'Gumley'

Norwegian Norge: Norway

fool for Polly, poly-fool

French parlez-vous français?: do you speak French?


Men have thawed, clerks have surssurhummed,

hemmed and hawed

frozen emotions thawed?

why "clerks"?

Italian sussurrare: to whisper, to hum
sir, sir hummed


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