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FW 1.31-42 --Mutt is a fallen man--

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synopsis: the dialogue of Mutt and Jute begins — memories of the battle of Clontarf

FDV: "Jute— Are you Jeff?
Mutt— Someward.
Jute— You are not a jeffmute?
Mutt— No, only an utterer
Jute— What is the mutter with you?
Mutt— I became a stummer.
Jute— What turrurrurrurrible thing to because! How?
Mutt— Aput the buttle.
Jute— Whose Poddle? Wherein?
Mutt— The Inns of Dungtarf." →
"Jute— Jute!
Mutt— Much Mutts pleasure.
Jute— Are you Jeff?
Mutt— Someward.
[no changes]Jute— Whose Poddle? Wherein?
Mutt— The Inns of Dungtarf where used ought to be."

JUTE: Yutah! MUTT: Mukk's pleasurad.

Mutt and Jeff: American comic-strip characters

Mutt is tall and married and bets on horses, Jeff is short and an inmate of insane asylum [wiki]

you there!
Utah, USA?

much pleasure had (at meeting you)
why pleasurAD?

(at this point it's still not clear who's the newcomer/superior)

JUTE: Are you jeff? MUTT: Somehards.


hard of hearing

(Shem has eye problems, Shaun ear problems)

(who's asking who, and what provoked the question? wasn't it the caveman who didn't hear the newcomer approach?)

JUTE: But you are not jeffmute? MUTT: Noho. Only an utterer.

VI.B1.68: 'deafmute'

slang: nohow
Noah, Nehemiah

utterer: (legal) one who passes counterfeit coins

JUTE: Whoa? Whoat is the mutter with you? MUTT: I became a stun a stummer.


German Mutter: mother

Danish stund: a short while

Vico claimed first men moved from muteness to stuttering in imitation of the thunder, God's voice

German Stummer: a mute person

JUTE: What a hauhauhauhaudible thing to be cause! How, Mutt?

stuttering (four hau's)

haud = Latin no

to be sure because
to be coarse

MUTT: Aput the buttle, surd.

Latin apud: with

bottle battle

Latin surdus: French sourd: deaf
archaic surd: stupid

cf Tim Finnegan's shaky drunken fall

JUTE: Whose poddle? Wherein? MUTT: The Inns of Dungtarf where Used awe to be he.

Poddle river, Dublin


Battle of Clontarf, Dublin, 1014 (high king Brian Boru defeated the Danish army of occupation, although he himself was killed in the process)

as 'Clontarf' means 'Bull Meadow', so 'Dungtarf' would mean 'Bull Shit'

buttle... tarf (Butt/Taff)

where I used to be he
FDV: "where used ought to be"
where you ought to be

before Mutt's fall, he was a hero/king


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