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FW 1.68b --before visit one--

1.68a: It was of a night, late, lang time agone, in an auldstane eld, when Adam was delvin...
1.68b: and Jarl van Hoother had his burnt head high up in his lamphouse, laying cold hands on himself...
1.68c: And, be dermot, who come to the keep of his inn only the niece-of-his-in-law, the prankquean...
1.68d: And spoke she to the dour in her petty perusienne: Mark the Wans, why do I am alook alike...
1.68e: And Jarl van Hoother warlessed after her with soft dovesgall: Stop deef stop come back to my earin...
1.68f: And the prankquean went for her forty years' walk in Tourlemonde and she washed the blessings...
1.68g: So then she started to rain and to rain and, be redtom, she was back again at Jarl van Hoother's...
1.68h: And Jarl von Hoother had his baretholobruised heels drowned in his cellarmalt, shaking warm hands...
1.68i: And the prankquean nipped a paly one and lit up again and redcocks flew flackering from the hillcombs...
1.68k: So her madesty a forethought set down a jiminy and took up a jiminy and all the lilipath ways...
1.68l: And there was a wild old grannewwail that laurency night of starshootings somewhere in Erio...
1.68m: So then she started raining, raining, and in a pair of changers, be dom ter, she was back again...
1.68n: And Jarl von Hoother had his hurricane hips up to his pantrybox, ruminating in his holdfour stomachs...
1.68o: And the prankquean picked a blank and lit out and the valleys lay twinkling. And she made her wittest...
1.68p: For like the campbells acoming with a fork lance of lightning, Jarl von Hoother Boanerges himself...
1.68q: in his broadginger hat and his civic chollar and his allabuff hemmed and his bullbraggin soxangloves...
1.68r: And he clopped his rude hand to his eacy hitch and he ordurd and his thick spch spck for her to shut...
1.68s: And they all drank free. For one man in his armour was a fat match always for any girls under shurts...
1.68t: Saw fore shalt thou sea. Betoun ye and be. The prankquean was to hold her dummyship and the jimminies...

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FDV: "Sir Howther had his head up in his lamphouse. And his two little jimminies were kicking on the oil cloth {of the cashel ?earthshouse}, Tristopher & Hilary. With their dummy." →
"Sir Howther had his burnt head up in his brain hive lamphouse with laying {cold} hand on himself. And his two little jimminies were not yet kicking on the oil cloth van {homerigh} the homecashel earthenhouse, Tristopher & Hilary. With their dummy."
"brain hive lamphouse"!?
"not yet"!?

and Jarl van Hoother had his burnt head high up in his lamphouse,

archaic Jarl: earl

the Howth peerage changed from Baron to Earl in the 18thC

Van Houten's Dutch Cocoa

invented by Coenraad Johannes van Houten (1801-1887)

Howth Head

burnt match


Baily Lighthouse on Howth Head

laying cold hands on himself.

laying on of hands (in blessing, confirmation, etc.)

masturbation (restraining masturbation?)

And his two little jiminies, cousins of ours, Tristopher and Hilary,

Latin gemini: twins

fw1 has "ourn"
dialect ourn: ours

Giordano Bruno's motto: 'In tristitia hilaris hilaritate tristis' (Latin 'In Sadness Cheerful, in Gaiety Sad') appears on the title page of his play 'Il Candelajo' [wakp]

performing-arts emoji

the name of the heir kidnapped by Grace O'Malley was Christopher St Lawrence, later to be the 10th Baron Howth

were kickaheeling their dummy on the oilcloth flure

phrase to kick up (a person's) heels: to trip up, overthrow; to knock down, kill

dummy: nursemaid; pacifier (doll?); sister??

oilcloth: a type of waterproof canvas (used for table-cloths, floor-cloths, etc.)

Anglo-Irish accent: flure: floor

of his homerigh, castle and earthenhouse.

his = Jarl's


Homer ('Homeri' = of Homer?)
eye, rye
Bartholomew Vanhomrigh: father of Swift's Vanessa
cf? Ó Cléirigh

built of mud?


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