Tuesday, September 2, 2014

FW 1.73a --regular meals resumed--

1.73a: Everything's going on the same, or so it appeals to all of us, in the old holmsted here...
1.73b: Coal's short but we've plenty of bog in the yard. Meat took a drop when Reilly-Parsons failed...
1.73c: Kevin's just a doat with his cherub cheek and his little lamp and schoolbelt...
1.73d: And Essie Shanahan has let down her skirts. You remember Essie...

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FDV: "Everything's going on the same."

synopsis: everything is the same without him — the kids are fine

Everything's going on the same, or so it appeals to all of us, in the old holmsted here.


it appeals to us = we like it; or it begs for something?

Danish holmsted: homestead

As popular as when Belly the First was keng

Aesop's fable of the Belly and the Members [wiki] members try but fail to boycott belly

and his members met in the Diet of Man.

diet: a legislative or deliberative assembly (primarily applied to the Holy Roman Empire and to modern Japan)
eg Diet of Worms, Diet of Augsburg

Isle of Man

debate over best/healthiest/natural diet of humans

members in fable jealous of belly's diet

Coughings all over the sanctuary,

coffins (plague/famine?)

bad scrant to me aunt Florenza.

AngloIrish bad scran to you: bad luck to you, an evil wish


The horn for breakfast, one o'gong for lunch and dinnerchime,

Huck Finn 35: 'we heard the breakfast-horn blowing'
morning erection

one o'clock (lunch?)


the same shop slop in the window,

Jacob's lettercrackers and Dr Tipple's Vi-Cocoa

Jacob's Biscuit Factory, Dublin

crackers (shaped like alphabet?)

Penguin dotted "Dr."

tipple = drink
Ulysses 16.805: 'Dr Tibble's Vi-Cocoa'

and the Eswaurds' desippated soup beside Mother Seagull's Syrup.

eswarah = bracelet (Arabic)

sip soup

Edwards' Desiccated Soup

seagulls fed by Bloom in Ulysses?

Mother Seigel's Syrup (tonic)


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