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FW 1.73b --the boys are growing up--

1.73a: Everything's going on the same, or so it appeals to all of us, in the old holmsted here...
1.73b: Coal's short but we've plenty of bog in the yard. Meat took a drop when Reilly-Parsons failed...
1.73c: Kevin's just a doat with his cherub cheek and his little lamp and schoolbelt...
1.73d: And Essie Shanahan has let down her skirts. You remember Essie...

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FDV: "Coal's short but we've plenty of bog in the yard. And barley's up again. The boys is attending school regular, sir."

Coal's short but we've plenty of bog in the yard.

can't afford coal so using peat (peatbog)

bog = outhouse


Meat took a drop when Reilly-Parsons failed.

price of meat is up (but is that good or bad for the speaker and HCE?)

'take a drop' = drink alcohol

when Persse O'Reilly fell

"Reilly-Parsons" sounds like a business

But barley's up again, begrained to it!

The lads is attending school nessons regular, sir.

Church of the Three Sons of Nessan, Ireland's Eye, Ireland (ruins, 8thC)

nice and regular

lessons regularly

Spelling beesknees with hathatansy

spelling bee

slang bee's knees = great

the ancient Egyptians used beeswax, tansy, and mud for embalming

Greek athanasia: immortality

and turning out tables by mudapplication.

table-turning: ouija-board variant

multiplication tables

cf Muddest1: "Take mud. You take your river. Dump it at a given point to be called α but pronounced olfa. There's mud & α."

All for the books and never pegging smashers

one for the books (memorable, historical)

peg: to aim (a missile) cricket?
cf?? U83: "Still Captain Buller broke a window in the Kildare street club with a slog to square leg."

proverb People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones?

smasher: a bookbinder's compressing-machine; or a counterfeiter

after Tom Bowe-Glassarse or Timmy the Tosser.


French tombeau: tomb, grave

why Bowe? why Glassarse?

slang toss: masturbate

'Tisraely the truth! Now isn't it, roman pathoriks?

'tis really

Benjamin Disraeli: 19thC British politician (opposed Gladstone and Irish Home Rule) (why?)

fw1 had "No"

St Patrick

Roman Catholics (P/K; L/R)
why no caps?

You were the doublejoynted janitor the morning they were delivered

double-jointed progenitor?
why joYnt? overjoyed?

cf? U323: "Yes, says J. J., and every male that's born they think it may be their Messiah. And every jew is in a tall state of excitement, I believe, till he knows if he's a father or a mother."

and you'll be a grandfer yet entirely

cf below "he's such a granfallar"

when the ritehand seizes what the lovearm knows.

rite (what rite?)

Shakespeare: Venus and Adonis 158: 'Can thy right hand seize love upon thy left?' (left/right) maybe: Does your right side love your left? ie, are you in love with yourself? [cite]

NT-Matthew 6:3: 'let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth'

why arm? (does "lovearm" = penis?)


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