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FW 1.27a --looking up from the text--

1.27a: Now after all that farfatch'd and peragrine or dingnant or clere lift we our ears, eyes of the darkness...
1.27b: Lean neath stone pine the pastor lies with his crook; young pricket by pricket's sister nibbleth...
1.27c: Thus, too, for donkey's years. Since the bouts of Hebear and Hairyman the cornflowers...
1.27d: and, though for rings round them, during a chiliad of perihelygangs, the Formoreans...
1.27e: and Little on the Green is childsfather to the City (Year! Year! And laughtears!), these paxsealing...

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synopsis: pastoral scenery — flowers and battlefields

FDV: "Peaceably eirinical in grayquiet selfstretches this freedland's plain." →
"Yet how Peaceably eirinical all dimmering [downs]{dunes} & gloamering glades, selfstretches afore us this freedland's plain"
"in greyquiet" is nice

Now after all that, farfatch'd and peregrine or duignant or clere,

"all that" = the history/prophecy of the four sigla

Annals of the Four Masters was compiled by Farfassa O'Mulconry, Peregrine O'Clery, Peregrine O'Duignan, Michael O'Clery, and others

(why the contraction? to avoid 'far fat ched'?)

peregrine: foreign ('through fields')

opposite of indignant?
dignant (Latin) = deeming worthy


the 1st 2 masters seem to be outsiders/ inferior?, the last 2 superior/ insiders?

lift we our ears, eyes of the darkness, from the tome of Liber Lividus

VI.B16.145: "ear = eye of dark" from Crawford's Thinking Black 251: 'For the hundreds of night sounds — rustlings, twitterings, raspings, tinglings, and roarings — are all known to even Africa's tot, the ears being called his "eyes of darkness"'


it's getting dark

VI.B14.187: 'liberflavus' Studies, An Irish Quarterly Review: 'Augustine Magraidin, canon of Saints' Island in Lough Ree, who died in 1405, translated a Life of St. John the Evangelist; it lies unpublished in the Liber Flavus Fergusiorum' = yellow book

Latin liber lividus = blue book
Blue Books: the official reports of the English Parliament
Livy: Roman historian

and (toh!) how paisibly eirenical,

Italian toh!: look!

French paisible: peacable, peaceful  passably

eirenic: of peace Eire = Ireland

all dimmering dunes and gloamering glades,

Dämmerung = twilight (German)

gloaming, gloam = twilight

dune/glade = hill/valley? dry/moist?

FDV: "Peaceably eirinical in grayquiet"
gray = halfway between light and dark

selfstretches afore us our fredeland's plain!

like a cat stretching itself?
as opposed to being stretched by an outside force??

Danish fædreland: native land, fatherland
Norwegian fred: peace


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