Tuesday, September 16, 2014

FW 1.27b --a pastoral scene--

1.27a: Now after all that farfatch'd and peragrine or dingnant or clere lift we our ears, eyes of the darkness...
1.27b: Lean neath stone pine the pastor lies with his crook; young pricket by pricket's sister nibbleth...
1.27c: Thus, too, for donkey's years. Since the bouts of Hebear and Hairyman the cornflowers...
1.27d: and, though for rings round them, during a chiliad of perihelygangs, the Formoreans...
1.27e: and Little on the Green is childsfather to the City (Year! Year! And laughtears!), these paxsealing...

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Lean neath stone pine the pastor lies with his crook;

lying beneath
leaning? thin?

pine tree (tree/stone)

stone pine
French slang: pine: penis


crook = shepherd's or bishop's

young pricket by pricket's sister nibbleth on returned viridities;

slang prick: penis
pricket: buck in second year

by = beside

pricket's sister: female fallow deer also in 2nd year (but the term doesn't imply any literal brother)

archaic viridity: greenness (ie, green vegetation)


amaid her rocking grasses the herb trinity shams lowliness;

a maid

"her" = the 'sister'?

rocking = shaking in breeze?
lookingglasses? so, Alice??

timothy grass?

Saint Patrick said to have used the shamrock to explain the Trinity

to sham lowliness = false humility?

(semicolons are rare)

skyup is of evergrey.

'sky up' in falconry, of prey when flushed = to fly straight upward.
skiep = sheep (West Frisian)
scope? landscape?

cf evergreen

cf FDV above: "Peaceably eirinical in grayquiet"


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