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FW 1.52c --the tides of war--

1.51: Jute.— Boildoyle and rawhoney on me when I can beuraly forsstand a weird from sturk to finnic...
1.52a: Mutt.— Quite agreem. Bussave a sec.
1.52b: Walk a dun blink roundward this albutisle and you skull see how olde ye plaine of my Elters...
1.52c: Let erehim ruhmuhrmuhr. Mearmerge two races, swete and brack. Morthering rue. Hither...
1.52d: Now are all tombed to the mound, isges to isges, erde from erde. Pride, O pride, thy prize!
1.53: Jute.— 'Stench!
1.54a: Mutt.— Fiatfuit! Hereinunder lyethey...

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FDV: "Thousand & one livestories {have} netherfellen here."

Let erehim ruhmuhrmuhr.

IM: song Let Erin Remember the Days of Old [] melody aka "Moddereen Rue" (The Red Fox)

German Ehre: honour, glory

German Ruhm: glory, fame

Mearmerge two races, swete and brack. Morthering rue.

Italian mare: sea

VI.B5.136: 'limit of 2 races child's grave'
OCI I.41, Atala: 'We passed close to the tomb of a child, that served as a boundary for two nations' (child honored by both)

race: a strong current in the sea or a river

sweet and brack (salty)
white and black (dark/fair)

song Moddereen Rue
Irish moddereen rue: little red dog (i.e. fox)

archaic rue: sorrow, regret, pity

Hither, craching estuards, they are in surgence:


VI.B5.144: 'here flux unites ⊤ & ⊥ reflux divides'
GLF 215: (of the tides of the Baie de Tréspassés) 'A touching folk legend has it that here meet the souls of those who had killed themselves for love and had been lost in death. Once a year, they are allowed to see each other. The flux unites them, the reflux separates them, and they tear away from each other amid prolonged lamentations'

French cracher: to spit

Stuarts, stewards


hence, cool at ebb, they requiesce.


obsolete requiesce: to rest
Latin requiescat in pace: (of the dead) rest in peace

Countlessness of livestories have netherfallen by this plage,

FDV: "Thousand & one"
1001 Arabian Nights

many men have fallen

life stories

German niederfallen: fall down

French plage: beach
German Plage: plague

flick as flowflakes, litters from aloft,

thick as snowflakes


like a waast wizzard all of whirlwords.

vast, waste
Dutch waas: haze, blur

blizzard, wizard

Old Norse Heimskringla: world's whirl (title of a saga)

FW2: -words (not -worlds)


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