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FW 1.70a --HCE's great deeds--

1.70a: He dug in and dug out by the skill of his tilth for himself and all belonging to him...
1.70b: Unfru-Chikda-Uru-Wukru and begad he did, our ancestor most worshipful, till he thought...
1.70c: And will again if so be sooth by elder to his youngers shall be said. Have you whines...
1.71: Anam muck an dhoul! Did ye drink me doornail?

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FDV: "He sweated his crowd and urned his dead and made louse for us" →
"He sweated his crew in {beneath} the auspice for the living and he urned his dead and he made louse for us & delivered us to boll weevils amain"

synopsis: the mighty liberator's deeds — he revives

He dug in and dug out by the skill of his tilth

dig in = eat, create defensive position

dig himself out = solve problem
dugout = canoe; shelter (eg baseball)

phrase by the skin of his teeth
Genesis 3:19: 'In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread'

tilth = tilled soil

for himself and all belonging to him

'with all belonging to X' phrase

and he sweated his crew beneath his auspice for the living

sweaty brow
sweating work crew
crewcut? (1920s)

beneath auspices (Vico)

Hospice for the Dying, Dublin

and he urned his dread, that dragon volant,

urned: deposited ashes in an urn

earned his bread


French dragon volant: a sort of cannon [cite]
literally 'flying dragon' (heraldry)
flying dragon: in alchemy, the substance resulting from the union of mercury and sulphur, which when kindled results in fire and poisonous vapor

'The Room in the Dragon Volant' by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu [wiki] novella about premature burial [etext]

and he made louse for us and delivered us to boll weevils amain,

made house
lice, weevils = vermin

Lord's Prayer: 'and deliver us from evil'

boll weevil: a pest of cotton bolls
all evils

(no comma?)

archaic amain: in full force, without delay


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