Friday, September 19, 2014

FW 1.14b --ALP's aplomb--

1.14a: How bootifull and how truetowife of her, when strengly forebidden, to steal our historic presents...
1.14b: She is livving in our midst of debt and laffing through all plores for us (her birth is uncontrollable)...
1.14c: Gricks may rise and Troysirs fall (there being two sights for ever a picture) for in the byways...
1.14d: Let young wimman run away with the story and let young min talk smooth behind the butteler's back...
1.14e: Though the length of the land lies under liquidation (floote!) and there's nare a hairbrow...
1.14f: And even if Humpty shell fall frumpty times as awkward again in the beardsboosoloom of all our grand...

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She is livving in our midst of debt

Livvy 'short' for Livia

Book of Common Prayer: Burial of the Dead: 'In the midst of life we are in death'

and laffing through all plores for us

laughing through her tears

French pleurs: tears

(her birth is uncontrollable!),


birth control

with a naperon made to mask

French napperon: doily

an apron

to match

a veil?

and her sabboes hikkikking arias (so sair! so solly!),

French sabots: wooden shoes, hoofs

hiccuping (hic hic)

arias = she sings opera like Molly Bloom

kicking arse

Danish sa sær: so odd
Sarah: mother of Isaac

Pont Sully, Paris (bridges of Paris)

if yous ask me and I saack you. Hou! Hou!

if you ask me (phrase)

"and I"
German sage: (I) say, tell

hoo hoo! (hooting)


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