Friday, September 19, 2014

FW 1.14a --ALP's bequest--

1.14a: How bootifull and how truetowife of her, when strengly forebidden, to steal our historic presents...
1.14b: She is livving in our midst of debt and laffing through all plores for us (her birth is uncontrollable)...
1.14c: Gricks may rise and Troysirs fall (there being two sights for ever a picture) for in the byways...
1.14d: Let young wimman run away with the story and let young min talk smooth behind the butteler's back...
1.14e: Though the length of the land lies under liquidation (floote!) and there's nare a hairbrow...
1.14f: And even if Humpty shell fall frumpty times as awkward again in the beardsboosoloom of all our grand...

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synopsis: her stolen presents — her role in life

How bootifull and how truetowife of her,

VI.B6.178: 'booty & beauty' (HOI 9: 'The rulers of Ireland, whose wars with one another for land and for booty are described in the romances, were Gaelic by blood')

full of booty

true to life

when strengly forebidden,

strongly forbidden
Dutch streng verboden: strictly forbidden

bidden before (acting)

to steal our historic presents from the past postpropheticals

historic present (tense)

present, past

so as will make us all lordyheirs and ladymaidesses

lordly heirs

Lord Mayors and Lady Mayoresses


of a pretty nice kettle of fruit.


phrase a kettle of fish: a mess, an awkward situation



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