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FW 1.13k --ALP finds letter--

1.13a: What a warm time we were in there but how keling is here the airabouts! We nowhere she lives...
1.13b: And such reasonable weather too! The wagrant wind's awalt'zaround the piltdowns and on every...
1.13c: A verytableland of bleakbardfields! Under his seven wrothschields lies one, Lumproar. His glav toside him...
1.13d: The three of crows have flapped it southenly, kraaking of de baccle to the kvarters of that sky whence triboos...
1.13e: No nubo no! Neblas on you liv! Her would be too moochy afreet. Of Burymeleg and Bindmerollingeyes...
1.13f: Here, and it goes on to appear now, she comes, a peacefugle, a parody's bird, a peri potmother, a pringlpik...
1.13g: But it's the armitides toonigh, militopucos, and toomourn we wish for a muddy kissmans to the minutia workers...
1.13h: She's burrowed the coacher's headlight the better to pry (who goes cute goes siocur and shoos aroun)...
1.13i: maps, keys and woodpiles of haypennies and moonled brooches with bloodstaned breeks in em, boaston...
1.13k: ills and ells with loffs of toffs and pleures of bells and the last sigh that come fro the hart (bucklied!)...

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FDV: "& the last sigh that came from the heart & the first sin the sun saw."

ills and ells with loffs of toffs and pleures of belles,

French il: he

ill, well

French elle: she

lots of love

toffs = highclass people

French pleur: tear

and the last sigh that come fro the hart (bucklied!)

song Ah! The Syghes That Come fro' the Heart [♬ the Syghes that Come from the Heart]

hart, buck

Dutch boek: book
Dutch lied: song

and the fairest sin the sun saw (that's cearc!).

RTI 3 ('Les Enfances de Tristan'): (Tristan's mother immediately after giving birth to him, while mourning for her recently-slain husband) '"Son," she said to him, "I have long wished to see you; and I see the fairest thing that ever a woman bore... And as you came into the world through sadness, your name shall be Tristan." When she had said these words, she kissed him, and, as soon as she had kissed him, she died'

FDV: "first sin"


sun saw

Irish cearc: hen
Irish ceart: correct

With Kiss. Kiss Criss. Cross Criss. Kiss Cross.



Undo lives' end. Slain.


Irish slán: farewell, goodbye
Irish sláinte: health (toast)
stain (teastain motif)


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