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FW 1.13d --the battle is over--

1.13a: What a warm time we were in there but how keling is here the airabouts! We nowhere she lives...
1.13b: And such reasonable weather too! The wagrant wind's awalt'zaround the piltdowns and on every...
1.13c: A verytableland of bleakbardfields! Under his seven wrothschields lies one, Lumproar. His glav toside him...
1.13d: The three of crows have flapped it southenly, kraaking of de baccle to the kvarters of that sky whence triboos...
1.13e: No nubo no! Neblas on you liv! Her would be too moochy afreet. Of Burymeleg and Bindmerollingeyes...
1.13f: Here, and it goes on to appear now, she comes, a peacefugle, a parody's bird, a peri potmother, a pringlpik...
1.13g: But it's the armitides toonigh, militopucos, and toomourn we wish for a muddy kissmans to the minutia workers...
1.13h: She's burrowed the coacher's headlight the better to pry (who goes cute goes siocur and shoos aroun)...
1.13i: maps, keys and woodpiles of haypennies and moonled brooches with bloodstaned breeks in em, boaston...
1.13k: ills and ells with loffs of toffs and pleures of bells and the last sigh that come fro the hart (bucklied!)...

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synopsis: the battle is over — a gnarlybird collecting spoiled goods

FDV: "She never comes out when Thon's there or show or when Thon's a flash with Thon's tindergiris or when Thon's blowing thonders on Thon's gaelieboys." →
"She never comes out when Thon's on shower or when Thon's on flash with the tindergiris or when Thon's blowing thonders down the gaels of Thon."

(why this drumbeat-repetition? especially when the sentence is about his absence??)

lead-in: "Our pigeons pair are flewn for northcliffs."

The three of crows have flapped it southenly,

the two fly north, the three fly south

crows (cf "bleakbardfields" ie blackbird)
song The Three Ravens [lyrics] blocked from eating carrion corpse

southerly (ie, to loser Napoleon/Lumproar's France?)

kraaking of de baccle to the kvarters of that sky

Dutch kraai: crow
Dutch kraak: crash, crack

(but Wellington won at Waterloo?)

cf T&I1 seabirds' 'three quarks'

Danish kvarter: district
four quarters of the sky

(the French newspaper would have been Le Moniteur Universel)

whence triboos answer: Wail, 'tis well!

Greek treisbous: three oxen
three boos
tribunes?? tribes?

three words

someone in the south is untroubled by Napoleon's fall

She nivver comes out when Thon's on shower

returning to/ following from "there's that gnarlybird ygathering"

the news from the battlefield has encouraged her to emerge

AngloIrish accent: niver: never
French hiver: winter?

Thon, once worshipped in England, may be Thor

on show
German Anschauer: observer


or when Thon's flash with his Nixy girls

flash = well-dressed


nixie = water nymph
nix = say 'no' to

(ALP stays away when HCE is publicly cheating?)

or when Thon's blowing toomcracks down the gaels of Thon.


Macbeth IV.1.117: 'crack of doom'


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