Tuesday, September 9, 2014

FW 1.67b --believe it or not--

1.67a: Cry not yet! There's many a smile to Nondum, with sytty maids per man, sir, and the park's so dark...
1.67b: One's upon a thyme and two's behind their lettice leap and three's among the strubbely beds...
1.67c: That one of a wife with folty barnets. For then was the age when hoops ran high. Of a noarch...
1.67d: Malmarriedad he was reversogassed by the frisque of her frasques and her prytty pyrrhique...
1.67e: Flou inn, flow ann. Hohore! So it's sure it was her not we! But lay it easy, gentle mien, we are in rearing...

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set-up: every earwig has a tale to tell...

One's upon a thyme and two's behind their lettice leaf

once upon a time


lettuce leaf
??? Leixlip: village six miles west of Chapelizod, pronounced leek-slip

and three's among the strubbely beds.

German colloquial: strubbelig: (of hair) tousled
Dutch strubbeling: difficulty, trouble
The Strawberry Beds, village one mile west of Phoenix Park
strawberries are grown in beds, often raised, to give them special attention

And the chicks picked their teeths

LLR I.216: (common French folktale opening formula) 'A long time ago, When the hens had teeth'


and the dombkey he begay began.

LLR I.215: French 16thC folktale opening formula: 'At the time when the beasts spoke'

donkey (asses) dumb
Hungarian: domb: hill

French bégayer: to stutter
bray? (asses)

You can ask your ass if he believes it.

ass (asses)
Norwegian aas: hill

LLR I.216: French 16thC folktale ending formula: 'For if you don't believe it, neither do I'

And so cuddy me only wallops have heels.

dialect cuddy: ass (asses)
cuddy = cupboard; idiot

wallop = to hit

proverb Walls have ears

ass's ears (asses)

round heels = loose woman??


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