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FW 1.67d --Issy dances for HCE--

1.67a: Cry not yet! There's many a smile to Nondum, with sytty maids per man, sir, and the park's so dark...
1.67b: One's upon a thyme and two's behind their lettice leap and three's among the strubbely beds...
1.67c: That one of a wife with folty barnets. For then was the age when hoops ran high. Of a noarch...
1.67d: Malmarriedad he was reversogassed by the frisque of her frasques and her prytty pyrrhique...
1.67e: Flou inn, flow ann. Hohore! So it's sure it was her not we! But lay it easy, gentle mien, we are in rearing...

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setup: explaining further what the miss made the man do:

Malmarriedad he was reversogassed

LLR I.207: 'Mal maridade, the poorly-married, a dance of Provence' (dances)

LLR I.207: 'Revergasse (in Langedoc, revergado), an ancient dance in which the young girls tucked their skirts up to the thighs (from reverga, to tuck up)' (dances)

by the frisque of her frasques

LLR I.207: 'names of dances... la Frisque' (dances)

French frasques: extravagant actions, pranks

and her prytty pyrrhique.

Pyrrha: wife of Deucalion, the only two survivors of the Flood in Greek mythology

pyrrhic: a metrical foot (short-short)

LLR I.207: 'Greek dances... la pirrichie' (dances)

Maye faye, she's la gaye, this snaky woman!

French ma foi! (interjection)

Morgana le Fay: King Arthur's sister and a sorceress

LLR I.207: 'names of dances... la Gaye' (dances)

LLR I.220: 'the famous Melusine... a fairy in the form of a snake-woman'


From that trippiery toe expectungpelick!

LLR I.207: 'names of dances... la Trippiere' (dances)

phrase trip the light fantastic toe: to dance nimbly (from Milton: L'Allegro: 'Come, and trip it as ye go, On the light fantastick toe') (dances)

LLR I.207: 'Expect un pauc, wait a bit... a dance of Gascony' (dances)

Veil volantine, valentine eyes.

French volante: flying (feminine)

LLR I.207: 'names of dances... La Valentinoise' (dances)

She's the very besch Winnie blows Nau on good.

LLR I.108: 'Besch, South-West wind'


proverb It's an ill wind that blows no one good

cf "Winny Widger" below [fweet-15]
child friend of Lewis Carroll: Winnie (Winfred) Stevens

FW1 has "Nay"
nau = ship


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