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FW 1.69b --HCE is deaf--

1.69a: O foenix culprit! Ex nickylow malo comes mickelmassed bonum. Hill, rill, ones in company...
1.69b: Quarry silex, Homfrie Noanswa! Undy gentian festyknees, Livia Noanswa! Wolkencap is on him...
1.69c: She he she ho she ha to la. Hairfluke, if he could bad twig her! Impalpabunt, he abhears...
1.69d: Landloughed by his neaghboormistress and perpetrified in his offsprung, sabes and suckers...
1.69e: there would not be a holey spier on the town nor a vestal flouting in the dock, nay to make plein...

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FDV: "Quarry silex, ?Homfries Noanswa? Undy festiknees, Livia Noanswa? Wolkencap is on his head, he would hear his vales are darkling! she lispeth to him ever and ever of thow and thow:" →
"Quarry silex, Homfrie Noanswa? Undy festiknees, Livia Noanswa? Wolkencap is on him, frowned; audiurient, he would evesdrop were it mice {mouse at hand}, were it dinned {din} of bottles {in the far ear}. Murk, his vales are darkling! with lipth she lithpeth to him all the time of thuch and thuch and thow and thow:"

Joyce 'explained' the section starting with "Ex nickylow" to Harriet Weaver: "...The quarry and the silex (flint) suggest [HCE] silent... where the dickens are you hurrying from? ...he is crowned with the frown of the deaf... wd listen to the dripping drops of his house's e(a)ve △ water... distance in time/space..."

Quarry silex, Homfrie Noanswa?

Latin quare siles: why are you silent?

cf 89.27 "Quare hircum? No answer. Unde gentium fe...? No ah."
cf? 202.19 "Worry you sighin foh, Albern, O Anser? Untie the gemman's fistiknots, Qvic and Nuancee!"

Latin silex: flint

('home fries' don't seem to have been a thing yet)

no answer
Irish nĂ­ h-annsa: not hard (formula for answering riddles)

Humphrey and Livia
Albert and Victoria Nyanza: the two western reservoirs of the Nile

Undy gentian festyknees, Livia Noanswa?

Latin unde gentium festines?: where the dickens are you hurrying from?

undies = underwear
undulate (blue waves?)

fw86: "a child of Maam, Festy King"

Wolkencap is on him, frowned;

Dutch wolkenkap: cloud cap (the Hill of Howth is often 'cloud-capped')
woolen cap

Howth with ground fog
frown of the deaf?

audiurient, he would evesdrip, were it mouse at hand,

Latin audi urio: I long to hear, I desire to hear

VulgateOT Psalms 113:6: 'Aures habent et non audient' (Latin 'They have ears, but they hear not')


eavesdrop on urination
house's eaves drip water

FW1: "mous"
quiet as a mouse

mouse = cunt?

close at hand

Chaucerian form to suggest distance in time (Joyce, Letters 13May27, to HSW)

were it dinn of bottles in the far ear.

din of battles
djinn in bottle

far east
cf? U5: "He broke off and lathered again lightly his farther cheek."

Murk, his vales are darkling.

King Mark



VulgateOTPsalms 113:5: 'Oculos habent et non videbunt' (Latin 'They have eyes, but they see not')

With lipth she lithpeth to him all to time of thuch on thuch and thow on thow.


all the time

such and such, so and so (so and so)



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