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FW 1.69d --if not for them--

1.69a: O foenix culprit! Ex nickylow malo comes mickelmassed bonum. Hill, rill, ones in company...
1.69b: Quarry silex, Homfrie Noanswa! Undy gentian festyknees, Livia Noanswa! Wolkencap is on him...
1.69c: She he she ho she ha to la. Hairfluke, if he could bad twig her! Impalpabunt, he abhears...
1.69d: Landloughed by his neaghboormistress and perpetrified in his offsprung, sabes and suckers...
1.69e: there would not be a holey spier on the town nor a vestal flouting in the dock, nay to make plein...

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FDV: "Perpetrified in his offsprung, the moaning pipes tells him to his face how only for him" →
"Perpetrified in his offsprung, the moaning piper could tell him to his faceback how butt for his {old} butt"

Landloughed by his neaghboormistress

Anglo-Irish Lochlann = Scandinavian

round towers are supposed to lie beneath Lough Neagh, appearing on certain days


and perpetrified in his offsprung, sabes and suckers,

perpetuated in his offspring

petrifying properties attributed to the waters of Lough Neagh

sprung off from

OTPsalms 8:2: 'babes and sucklings'
phrase Ireland, isle of saints and sages
boys and girls??

the moaning pipers could tell him to his faceback,

morning papers

bagpipes moan
water pipes?

to his face vs behind his back
talk back

the louthly one whose loab we are devorers of,

County Louth?

German Lob: praise
German Leib: body
German Laib: loaf

voracious? carni-vores?

Felix Culpa?

how butt for his hold halibutt, or her to her pudorpuff,


German hold: handsome



Latin pudor: shame
German Puder: powder
German slang pudern: to fuck; Puff: brothel

the lipalip one whose libe we drink at,


Latin Liber: wine (personified)
German Leib: body

how biff for her tiddywink of a windfall,

biff = fuck?
slang biffy: drunk
U546: "PRIVATE COMPTON He doesn't half want a thick ear, the blighter. Biff him one, Harry."

but for

rhyming slang tiddlywink: a drink
tiddlywinks game
slang tiddlywinks: morsels of food
why no L?

(tiddywink sounds like cunt?)

VI.B10.11: "windfalls (apples)"
Irish Times 30Oct22: 'There has been a wonderful crop of apples this year... those that have fallen off in the late storms. "Windfalls," when gathered fresh, may be used in making tarts or puddings'

windfall: fallen fruit; unexpected fortune

our breed and washer givers,

bread and water

breed= marriage, wash = death or birth?


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