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FW 1.72e --burial gifts--

1.72a: Now be aisy, good Mr Finnimore, sir. And take your laysure like a god on pension...
1.72b: Meeting some sick old bankrupt or the Cottericks' donkey with his shoe hanging...
1.72c: but let your ghost have no grievance. You're better off, sir, where you are...
1.72d: and have all you want, pouch, gloves, flask, bricket, kerchief, ring and amberulla...
1.72e: And it isn't our spittle we'll stint you of, is it, druids? Not shabbty little imagettes, ...
1.72f: Poppypap's a passport out. And honey is the holiest thing ever was, hive, comb and earwax...
1.72g: Your fame is spreading like Basilico's ointment since the Fintan Lalors piped you overborder...
1.72h: And admiring to our supershillelagh where the palmsweat on high is the mark of your manument...
1.72i: and when you were undone in every point fore the laps of goddesses you showed our labourlasses...
1.72k: He's duddandgunne now and we're apter finding the sores of his sedeq but peace to his great limbs...
1.72l: No, nor a king nor an ardking, bung king, sung king or hung king. That you could fell an elmstree...
1.72m: If you was hogglebully itself and most frifty like you was taken waters still what all where was your like...
1.72n: But as Hopkins and Hopkins puts it, you were the pale eggynaggy and a kis to tilly up. We calls him...
1.72o: So may the priest of seven worms and scalding tayboil, Papa Vestray, come never anear you...
1.72p: Your heart is in the system of the Shewolf and your crested head is in the tropic of Copricapron...
1.72q: The loamsome roam to Laffayette is ended. Drop in your tracks, babe! Be not unrested!...
1.72r: For we have performed upon thee, thou abramanation, who comest ever without being invoked...

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FDV: "and we'll be bringing you presents, won't we?"

And it isn't our spittle we'll stint you of, is it, druids?

some medicine men anoint with spittle
spitting contemptuously

U11: "We'll have a glorious drunk to astonish the druidy druids." (Mulligan on AE's crowd in particular, or conventional Dubliners in general)

Not shabbty little imagettes, pennydirts and dodgemyeyes

not cheap gifts

VI.B32.169: 'Shabti figures'
BDP 36: (of BD ch. VI) 'The text of Chapter VI was cut on figures made of stone, wood, etc. (ushabtiu), which were placed in the tomb, and when the deceased recited it these figures became alive and did everything he wished. The shabti figure... took the place of the human funerary sacrifice which was common all over Egypt before the general adoption of the cult of Osiris'

two types of inferior imagette: pennydirts, dodgemyeyes

pennywort = various plants with penny-sized leaves
colloquial penny dreadfuls: 19th-20thC British serial publications featuring cheap sensational stories (and costing one penny per issue) [wiki]

maybe word-images? (cf Homer)

'dodge-me' eyes?
they dodge my gaze? (pornography?)
glittering distractions?

maybe picture-images? (cf Nebuchadnezzar??)

you buy in the soottee stores.

suttee: when a Hindu widow immolates herself on the pyre with her husband's body

sweet stores (usually re bees' honey) (cf U97 simnel cakes??)
city stores (with broader selection)

But offerings of the field.

VI.B32.163: "Osiris field of reeds — — grasshopp — — offerings of food" (dashes ditto 'field of')
BDP 21: 'Osiris offered... as a reward a life in the Field of Reeds, and the Field of Offerings of Food, and the Field of the Grasshoppers, and everlasting existence in a transmuted and beatified body among the resurrected bodies of father and mother, wife and children, kinsfolk and friends'

Matthew 6:28: 'lilies of the field'

Mieliodories that Doctor Faherty, the madison man, taught to gooden you.

French miel: honey
Irish míle deóra: a thousand tears
Greek miliodôros: of a thousand gifts

'Faherty' is a common surname for Galway farmers
Lefanu offers Lt Hyacinth 'Fireworker' O'Flaherty
Ulysses drafts call almost-doctor Gogarty "Doherty"

a Dr Richard O'Flaherty was 52yo in 1901

Madison Avenue, NYC (synonymous with American advertising since the 1920s)
medicine man


make better
enrich with goods [wikt]

faint echo: wooden shoes


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