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FW 1.72n --HCE's bisexual reputation--

1.72a: Now be aisy, good Mr Finnimore, sir. And take your laysure like a god on pension...
1.72b: Meeting some sick old bankrupt or the Cottericks' donkey with his shoe hanging...
1.72c: but let your ghost have no grievance. You're better off, sir, where you are...
1.72d: and have all you want, pouch, gloves, flask, bricket, kerchief, ring and amberulla...
1.72e: And it isn't our spittle we'll stint you of, is it, druids? Not shabbty little imagettes, ...
1.72f: Poppypap's a passport out. And honey is the holiest thing ever was, hive, comb and earwax...
1.72g: Your fame is spreading like Basilico's ointment since the Fintan Lalors piped you overborder...
1.72h: And admiring to our supershillelagh where the palmsweat on high is the mark of your manument...
1.72i: and when you were undone in every point fore the laps of goddesses you showed our labourlasses...
1.72k: He's duddandgunne now and we're apter finding the sores of his sedeq but peace to his great limbs...
1.72l: No, nor a king nor an ardking, bung king, sung king or hung king. That you could fell an elmstree...
1.72m: If you was hogglebully itself and most frifty like you was taken waters still what all where was your like...
1.72n: But as Hopkins and Hopkins puts it, you were the pale eggynaggy and a kis to tilly up. We calls him...
1.72o: So may the priest of seven worms and scalding tayboil, Papa Vestray, come never anear you...
1.72p: Your heart is in the system of the Shewolf and your crested head is in the tropic of Copricapron...
1.72q: The loamsome roam to Laffayette is ended. Drop in your tracks, babe! Be not unrested!...
1.72r: For we have performed upon thee, thou abramanation, who comest ever without being invoked...

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FDV: [nothing]

But as Hopkins and Hopkins puts it, you were the rale eggynaggy and a kis to tilly up.

Hopkins and Hopkins, Dublin jewellers (real diamond vs fake?)

real (fw1 had 'pale')
cf? U4: "You know, Dedalus, you have the real Oxford manner."

eggnog: a hot drink usually made of eggs, milk, sugar and spirits
Hungarian: egy: a, one
Hungarian: nagy: big, large
naggin = tilly

Hungarian: kis: little, small
kish = basket

Kersse the Tailor [fw311ff]
kiss and tell?

AngloIrish tilly: a small extra measure given to a customer, the thirteenth of a baker's dozen (from Irish tuilleadh: added measure)

'you were the real thing, a full measure plus'

We calls him the journeyall Buggaloffs since he went Jerusalemfaring in Arssia Manor.

Buckley and the Russian general

nautical slang: buggerlugs (offensive term of address)
slang bugger off: go away

slang be going to Jerusalem: be drunk
Sigurd the Jerusalem-farer: 12thC king of Norway

bugger... arse... cock = sodomy

Asia Minor/Major
to the manor/manner born

You had a gamier cock than Pete, Jake or Martin

Greek agamĂȘ = virgin
game = open to play/adventure/experiment
gamy = spoiled meat
gamecock = cock bred for fighting
cock = penis

Peter, Jack, and Martin: Catholic, Anglican, and Lutheran churches in Swift's A Tale of a Tub
rhythm: Tom, Dick and Harry

lustier than any Christian?

and your archgoose of geese stubbled for All Angels' Day.

archduke (usually Franz Ferdinand? wiki)

stubble goose = goose that's allowed to graze on stubble (the stumps or lower parts of the stalks of wheat or other grain left in the ground by the sickle or reaping-machine)

All Saints’ Day = Catholic feast, 1 November
(why Angels?)


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